19 March 2012

Rick's First Weekend

Rick and I both woke up at around 4:30 a.m. in the hotel in Matehuala because we fell asleep early. Old goofs cannot sack in no matter the circumstances. That was Friday morning. Rick was nervous of course. So we took off without waiting to eat breakfast and headed on south. We bypassed Monterrey by jumping off that four-lane in the state of Nuevo Laredo and took the back roads up to the central plateau through the mountains. A spectacular drive, but it is impossible for amateurs to take decent snapshots of mountains like those that give any feel for what they are really like. 

By the way and in case you do not know already, you can click on any photo to view a larger version of it.

Rick on the overlook above the city on Sunday

We pulled into San Miguel and arrived home here late Friday morning. Spent the day and early evening of Saturday on a little walking tour around downtown, listened to some mariachi music in the plaza, and took it easy. Rick is quickly building up his walking legs, but he is bitching about it a little. Not bad though.

On Sunday we loaded the pickup with Mexicans, went to the plaza, went to the market, and generally fucked around. One of the Mexicans forced a goat meat taco on Rick, and I'll be damned if he didn't eat it. He bitched about it, but the guy is game as I said before. Not gonna back down. I have thrown him into Mexico pretty abruptly here but not things that make a helluva lot of interesting reading yet. Just getting him oriented. He went to the store for cigarettes on his own for the first time this morning. He came back with cigarettes. So that is progress.  

 With Lucy on the overlook.

Lucy's photo of the downtown area from the overlook. 
The little scamp did not do a bad job at all with this one.

The Mexicans have felt a little deprived with the absence of the pickup while I have been gone. They were happy to see their pickup return. Here I am called Esteban, not Steve. That is what is written on the hood of the truck in the dust.

I shall do better keeping the little camera in my hip pocket and getting better photos of whatever trouble Rick is in at the moment. In the meantime for all those back home who are worried about him, I got him here without getting killed or caught. He is in a safe place now. I think he is enjoying it immensely.


carylsm said...

Thanks for the update Esteban... Hi Dad!.. I'm smiling to read all of this. Wish I were there!

Four Dinners said...

I have returned to Blogger and I am well chuffed to find you still around mate!!!

er...not that i supposed you would be dead of course!!!

I'll be back shortly to catch up.

Love n hugs from England!

4D x

ps...love the pics

Brassawe said...

I passed along your greetings to your dad, Stac.

The Four Dinners man! Great to see you here.