22 March 2012

Rick at Pozos

Mineral de Pozos is a partially inhabited former mining town about 40 minutes to northwest of us a little further up into the mountains. Much of the town is in ruins. In the surrounding countryside there are various abandoned mining complexes, some dating back to Spanish colonial times and some dating back only to the 1800's, such as the one Rick and I hiked through today. I have been around a little. To this point and probably for the duration, Mineral de Pozos is my favorite place in this world.

Click on any photo that interests you for a larger version.

Rick was a trooper today hiking around out there, and he seemed interested. I tried to damp down my enthusiasm for the place so as not to be a pain in the ass. I have never visited the complex we hiked today when there was anyone else there. I have always had it to myself and whoever happens to be with me. It is like swimming out there--not a good idea to do it alone. It is a haunting place, but not in an uncomfortable way. The silence there is profound. It is mysterious because it is difficult to discern the purpose of the various structures, large and small, that one finds.

There are various buildings in the countryside that obviously housed operations not directly involved in the mining but served the mining industry such as those pictured above.

In the mining complex we visited, one is first enters the main group of buildings.

Then one hikes out into the surrounding area to explore smaller groups of building.

The place is dotted with mine shafts like those pictured below that go straight down. There are no barriers around them. Therefore, one has to watch one's step. If you have a child--a toddler, say--who is driving you nuts, this would be a good place to take him.

Today, I found a new one. If one steps into this arched doorway pictured above, one finds another shaft that goes straight down.

The following are miscellaneous snapshots taken today out there.

I do not expect anyone to share my fascination with this place, but if you would like to read more about it, I have written of it previously on 9 February 2010 . . . and here in March 2010 . . . and here on 25 August 2010 . . . and here on 10 August 2011 . . . and finally here on 24 October 2011.

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