22 March 2012

A Note of Explanation

Rick and I are headed out to Mineral de Pozos today, my favorite place in the world. It is a partially abandoned mining town surrounded by abandoned mining complexes. In the meantime I wish to offer a note of explanation in advance regarding matters that will crop up from time to time here.

This is a photo of Rick with one of the local tour guides that I lined up for us. Her name is Verri. There is nothing untoward going on here. The people in this area are a tactile people. Lots of touching and hugging. Abrazos. Embraces, that is. In fact, much to my amazement, I have become more of a toucher and hugger. In this particular case it may look as if this young lady has her hand on Rick's ass, but the photo is deceptive. And anyway, if you stop to think about it, you will recall that Rick does not have any ass anyway.

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