31 March 2012

Into the Bush Again

[Something is not right about that title, but I cannot determine what the problem is. I will keep using it anyway.]

Rick sometimes recalls his time in Vietnam where he received his copy of the Central City Newsletter of the 1960's in the mail on occasion. A fellow Marines from New York, Philadelphia, or Los Angeles would sometimes grab his Newsletter and do amusing interpretative readings of the Social Section for the other assembled Marines, much to Rick's embarrassment. I cannot recall how that Social Section was titled back then by Mr. Lewis, but our entry of this last Thursday might have read something like this:

Rick and Steve were guests Thursday afternoon in the home of Mr. And Mrs. Michel Pellerin, formerly of Quebec, Canada. Mr. Pellerin is recovering from recent surgery. Refreshments were served by Mrs. Pellerin, and a good time was had by all.

Pictures of Michel and Ginette Pellerin and their beautiful little house will follow sometime later.

Actually, the thing that we have most enjoyed doing over the past three days is getting out of the city and driving the pickup off into the bush, getting lost intentionally, and going on until we finally determine where we are, however long that takes. Accounts of this pastime do not make for gripping reading in a blog. I shall just put up some random snapshots from these forays.

This human body looks scrawny, but I can move it around very easily.


Deb said...

What a lovely bush. I can see why you keep diving in. Did Rick get a new hat for all your wanderings? I’m glad you are both having such a wonderful time.

Brassawe said...

Yes, that is his new Mexican hat. Wish he had waited for a little help on that shopping project. I think he paid three times what he ought to have because of where he bought it. But what the hell? It looks pretty good on him.