28 March 2012

At the Nature Preserve

I may have made a little quicker comeback from my fever yesterday than I ought to have what with going on Fred's tour of the botanical garden. I lost all of my tacos in the middle of the night again last night. I am doing nothing but sit on my ass today. On the other hand when you are medicare, as Rick and I both are now, it is nice to have a health problem to talk about. Neither he nor I have previously had any health problems to talk about. Perhaps one of these horses we are going to ride in the next few days will throw Rick and destroy one of his knees or something. Then Rick will have a health problem to talk about, too.

I have more than enough photos of the botanical garden, El Charco del Ingenio, strewn through this blog. [See last entry.] Here is are just a few of yesterday's outing with Rick.

Fred with Rick and that lady, the only other person on the tour with us, studying some small agave.

Some giant agave.

In the solarium with plant species from other areas of Mexico.

In the wetlands above the old dam.

On top of the old dam.

At the head of the canyon.

This photo of the canyon shows the water pipe hung along the rim. The pipe formerly carried water from the dam down the canyon to fire a now defunct textile mill on the edge of town, Fabrica Aurora. It is not the Grand Canyon, but it is a nice canyon.

The city off below the foot of the canyon.


We have been working on some home improvements here, also.

The video is inadvertently misleading. Of course I did not ask Rick to chip in on the umbrella, the sun shade. I bought that. As for the Peruvian Pepper Tree, more here. But back then it was not out over the patio yet. It is a fast grower. It will come back.

Rick and I went halvsies on the cot, which he will abandon here when he flies home next year. Here you can see Hal Devere Beebe's sleeping bag in which Rick sleeps out there at night.

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