26 December 2012

American Faces, No. 5

Why all these old photographs? I am not sure myself. As soon as I determine exactly why I am doing this, I will write out an explanation and post it here.

24 December 2012

The Problem

There it is. There is the problem in a nutshell. Should it get worse, I will simply move to a different city deeper in. For the present, however, I am still able to live in a different world in San Miguel de Allende than the one in which these good people live. Nightline expressed no interest in interviewing me about where and how I live there.

American Faces, No. 3

19 December 2012

Kansas City

Westport Road, Kansas City, Missouri, on a Saturday night,  15 December 2012.

18 December 2012

Cranfills Gap, Texas

Rural Cranfills Gap, Texas, on 14 December 2012 at 10:11 a.m.

12 December 2012

On the Road

Refinery at Three Rivers, Texas, United States of America,
south of San Antonio on 12 December 2012 at 8:58 p.m.

10 December 2012

Up in the Air

I was up in the air earlier this summer walking the pipeline the first time without having given it altogether too much thought. Fred, my neighbor and a volunteer tour guide out there in El Charco del Ingenio Nature Preserve, mentioned in passing that he had seen some Mexican boys walking the old pipeline that hangs on the rim of the canyon. When I heard this, I instinctively knew that those Mexican boys were onto something. I did not even go so far as to consider what it was that they were onto other than the tautological conclusion that they had been up there on the pipeline.

09 December 2012

Up on the Roof

Up on the roof of the abandoned construction previously visited here and here.

07 December 2012

04 December 2012

High Season

So now we enter the “high season.” Those from the north, Canadian and American, who winter in San Miguel are arriving--those who have not yet been intimidated from doing so by a fear of Mexico that is. There is obviously a good number who are not. The place is filling up.

03 December 2012

A Redirection

In the last couple of entries I have put up some of my photos of that abandoned church construction outside of town on the way to the reservoir. Recentlly, I was looking at photos done by my friend Michel that he has put up on his blog. (Michel is the man to whom I refer most often as "the unhinged Québécois.") I ran into his photos of that same church. The photo above is one of them.

If I were in the business of recommending things to other people--which I most emphatically am not--I would recommend that you take a look at those. They are interesting. If I were to recomment his photos to you, a thing that I am not at all doing here, you could see the rest by clicking here.

01 December 2012


On the way out to the reservoir, I had to stop once again at the construction site. The shell of this grand church has sat there for years now abandoned, never to be completed. Every time that I go there, I end up exploring it again, checking out the nooks and crannies, crawling up on the roof, just like a kid.

30 November 2012

Reservoir Report

The subject of the reservoir and its state crops up in this blog periodically. When we were riding out there in the early spring, I was whining about how low it was. Amid the good rainy season of this summer, I was publishing photos of flowers and watching the water rise. Yesterday, I drove out to check on the reservoir close up.

There was sufficient water to float the pelicans . . .

27 November 2012

Calle Hospicio, núm. 22

What is the appeal of this little place to me? It is what the façade has to say about the resident within. First, there is the abiding love of plants, plants that the resident himself or herself obviously attends to. This indicates a good heart. The assholes of the world may think that they love plants, but they pay somebody else to attend to their plants. Most especially, however, the ribbons on the security grill of the window indicate an intrepid, valiant attitude in the face of the vicissitudes of this life.

26 November 2012

Roots III, The Sequel

. . . that I now have more photos of the roots of that tree than I know what to do with. My cup runneth over with tree root photos.

25 November 2012

A Sentimental Journey to the Campground

I have not mentioned Joachim and Baerbel in this blog for a long time. Those two or three visitors who have been stopping by here from the beginning may be wondering about them. Joachim and Baerbel are still here. I took the photo below with the morning sun in my eyes to prove it.

Joachim is an excellent photographer. The fact is, though, that I myself enjoy his videos most. You can visit Joachim and Baerbel's website and learn about their adventures all over North America by clicking here.

25 November 2012 at 10:16 a.m.

24 November 2012

The Better Angels at Play

I well appreciate that my problems are not your problems. Nevertheless, I must follow up on an earlier story here.

Those of you who drop by here fairly regularly will recall that on 6 November I hopped in the pickup truck and raced out to the village of La Huerta to take additional photos of the giant Sabino tree there. I hoped to come up with one photo that was suitable to enter in Rodposse's photo contest, the theme of which was “flora.” I took 81 photos that day. In the process of transferring those photos from the camera to the computer upon my return, I lost them all with the exception of a few photos of some chickens. On 7 November I hopped in the pickup truck again and headed back out to La Huerta to do the same thing all over again.

23 November 2012

21 November 2012

20 November 2012

Fabien and Magaly

I never told you this. I must tell you this.

On a late morning in October, I was eating my breakfast in the sun by the street at the outdoor café with no name. I was engrossed in laboriously working my way through the Spanish of AM de Celaya, the daily newspaper out of that city. Quite suddenly, someone standing beside me cried out my name. I lost my breath when I looked up. There was Fabien, the French backpacker, standing there more than three years after I had last seen him here just before his departure for France. He is on the road again and has been so for some time. On the following Friday we spent all day together talking, catching up. The beautiful and brilliant Magaly joined us for a time. She was in town, also, from Cancún. She is a talented painter and sculptor. These two hold a special place in my heart.

19 November 2012

Rodposse's Latest Photo Contest

The theme of Rodposse's latest photo contest is "Street Photography." I do love the world famous Rodposse. Here is my entry in that contest. The title is . . .

What to Say Next? 

Cinema Splendor

Be patient with me today. I will not be showing off my camera skills in low light because I have none, other than simply to crank up the ISO speed. Rather, I am only trying to show you something of my favorite little movie theater, Cinema Splendor . . . which I have taken to calling Cinema Paradiso. I am not sure that I can show you just how tiny and cozy it is with photographs.

18 November 2012

News from the North

I do not recall ever having mentioned even once in this blog in the past three and a half years that I have family up north in the United States of America. I do not know what this blog is about, but that sort of thing is not it. Yet now I am getting old and soft. I will make an exception today, 18 November 2012 on the Gregorian Calendar.

17 November 2012

La puerta del cielo

Speaking of mountains . . .

23 July 2012.

Basketball court in the sky. I will let you find it if you can. (Hint: The backboard is red.) I am sorry that I did not get the name of this pueblo along Mexico 120 on the way from San Juan del Rio and Tequisquiapan to Pinal de Amoles, la puerta del cielo, in the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve of Querétaro.

16 November 2012

Guanajuato in the Distance

Coming down out of the Sierra Guanajuato with the city in the distance
on 1 June 2012 at 9:57 a.m.

Michel, the unhinged quebecois, has just put up some of his latest photos taken in Guanajuato in his blog. I think that you would enjoy them.

If I can get through another day without setting my hair on fire with this gas range, then it will be another good day.

15 November 2012

Return to Parque Benito Juárez and Love Train

4 August 2012 at 8:25 a.m.

Once again, another photo from the early morning hours deep inside Parque Benito Juárez. Because it is deep inside Parque Benito Juárez, this is quite a private place. This is where the high school boys and girls go after school to explore each other. It is the only place where many can find any privacy. It would be cruel to take photographs of the place when they are there.

14 November 2012

Conde de la Canal

. . . looking up toward Never Land from the Calle Quebrada overpass in San Miguel de Allende at 11:08 a.m. on Sunday, 19 August 2012.

13 November 2012

Walt Whitman

Time to get back to work here.

Here is the result of my attempts to photograph the Sabino de La Huerta, the big tree. The pool of water below the spring is in the foreground.

06 November 2012

Just for Fun

In the Sierra Gorda near Conca, state of Querétaro, 
on 24 July 2012.

The stream descends from the mountain with the water colored by minerals.

Wings Over Mexico

The man featured in the preceding entry is an old friend from up north, Rick. He paid an extended visit to me here in Mexico last March and April.

Another norteamericano friend who has visited is Wings, who spent too short a time here with me in October 2011. I have had to give up the company of several friends who still partake of alcohol. I cannot find it within me, however, to give up this man's company. Wings never did become accustomed to the cobblestone or the speed bumps during his short stay. He therefore required regular anesthesia to endure them.

05 November 2012

Palm Sunday 2012

Saludos today to visitors here from the nation of Japan.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Parked after playing her role in a pageant earlier.

04 November 2012

El día de los muertos

The Mexican people do mourn death as well as celebrate it, but consider the way in which that is done. Even though the cemetery was nearly empty Saturday after being thronged Friday, I blundered upon a Ranchero band playing.

02 November 2012

Día de los muertos pasado

The Day of the Dead is upon us once again this weekend. I shall be out and about. In the meantime, a couple of snapshots from previous years.

Those dead of families of means are buried toward the front of the local cemetery--el panteón. Their graves feature elaborate stone structures--I forget what they are called in English--buried under mountains of flowers on the Day of the Dead. I prefer to visit the rear section of the cemetery where the dead of families of lesser means are interred, not because I am such a fine man. I simply prefer the company of the poor to the company of the wealthy for entirely selfish reasons, even though the poor can be an incredible pain in the ass.

2 November 2010

This fresh grave remains my favorite of all the graves that I have visited on the Day of the Dead through the years. This family had ingeniously decorated the grave of the loved one whom they had recently lost with dyed sawdust garnished with a stalk of corn. I am sentimentally attached to corn.

31 October 2012

A Discovery

That last entry was incredibly boring, was it not? I myself attempted to reread it this morning over coffee and could not make it through. I occasionally feel compelled to write and post something like that for reasons that I cannot explain.

Let's look at some pictures today.

I had sworn never again to publish another photograph of a door or another photo of a Mexican church in this blog. I have sworn never again to do a lot of things in my life. I justify myself in this case by pointing out that the subject of this entry is not a church but rather a chapel.

30 October 2012

Lázaro Cárdenas Again

That is enough of a break. I am refreshed now, and if one closes down shop for an extended period in respect for the victims of every meteorological catastrophe that comes along in this new Anthropocene geological epoch, then the shop is likely never to be open again. What is the only viewpoint from which such things are viewed as "catastrophes" after all? Why, the anthropocentric point of view of course. I doubt that a bird, just before he is thrashed to death by the winds, regards what has befallen him as a "catastrophe." Neither does he regard himself as a "victim." He certainly does not regard it as a manifestation of God's justified wrath. Rather, he writes it all off as just another cost of doing business as a bird. If he gives it any thought at all. Which I concede is even more doubtful.  

Today I wish to pass along yet another anecdote relating to my hero, Lázaro Cárdenas, one of the youngest generals to fight in the Revolution of 1910 and President of Mexico from 1934 to 1940. The source of this anecdote is another great man, Cossío del Pomar. Cossío del Pomar, a Peruvian painter, writer, and historian, lived in San Miguel during the thirties and forties while in political exile from Peru. I know not why he was exiled from Peru, but he probably deserved his exile for getting mixed up in Latin American politics in the first place. He was probably lucky that he was not shot.

29 October 2012

I Lost Track

It had somehow escaped my attention the the Day of the Dead approaches this weekend. I was finally brought up to date on that when I bumped into three men setting up this display at the Independence fountain down at the end of calle Cardo yesterday.

27 October 2012

The Pickup Truck

I do not want anyone worrying about the pickup truck. The pickup truck is just fine.

25 October 2012

Crop Report

There is a good stand of Mexican corn.

Today I will give a brief report on the state of the crops in the part of Mexico where I live. I know there are at least a couple of regular visitors to this blog who will be interested. The vast majority of visitors will not be interested. I reveal up front what is coming in this entry so that they can move on to something else on the internet that interests them more.

22 October 2012

Your Own Pleasure; Not the Approval of Others

From late August 2011 until August of this year, I did almost nothing of consequence except write. I posted nothing of that writing here, which explains the dearth of entries in this blog during that period. Perhaps I should have posted more of that writing here, but that is neither here nor there now. I am an old fashioned man in many respects. Attempting to write in the English language as well as I can while at the same time developing a thought logically and clearly, which are actually the same thing, gives me a great deal of pleasure. This is true even though the thoughts I attempt to express are for the most part frivolous and of no real consequence. That is of no moment to me because everything about life seems to be frivolous and of no real consequence to me from the larger point of view.

21 October 2012

Greetings to the Danes

Newly Restored

This smoggy little snapshot taken in Mexico City during one of my forays there has proven to be one of the more popular photos ever published here. Now for the first time ever, I present to you the original, uncropped and now newly restored version:

20 October 2012

Guanajuato Revisited: Ten More Photos

Over on the right on this page, you will see a list of the ten most visited entries in this blog through the years. In the number nine position is "Guanajuato: Ten Photos." I suspect it holds that position because so many of the people of Mexico have such a fondness for the city of Guanajuato no matter where they live. Yet, I have been ashamed of the quality of those original ten photos since shortly after putting them up. Many were just tourist crap, the likes of which can be seen anywhere. How disappointed many of the visitors there must have been! I have finally renovated some of them and replaced some of them with other photos. Whether or not that is ethical in this blogging business I care not. It had to be done. The ten photos to be found there now may not be works of art, but they are better than the original ten.

To atone for my past sin further, there follows ten more photos taken on visits to Guanajuato, the city of tunnels, the city of pastels, the city of affectionate young couples.

19 October 2012

Unequal Time for Siqueiros

Before we leave the subject of murals once again, I think we should give at least a nod to David Alfaro Siqueiros, the man whose name I persist in misspelling. With Rivera and José Clemente Orozco, Siqueiros was one of the Big Three Mexican muralists of the early Twentieth Century.

More Murals

I do not intend now to dedicate this blog to Diego Rivera. There are other blogs so engaged, and certainly many more dedicated to his wife, Frida Kahlo, also known as Santa Frida. We will follow up here, however, with more detail photographs. The large section of the mural depicting Mexican history that topped the previous entry is located on the center wall of the stairwell in the National Palace. In the photograph above that panel is on the right. The side walls of the stairwell also feature murals on that same subject, One of those side walls is shown in the photograph above. It is a massive mural, amazing in its scope.

18 October 2012

Restoration Project

This is a section of Diego Rivera's massive mural depicting all of Mexican history. It is located in the National Palace in Mexico City, a photo of which follows.