27 December 2011

Champagne, Chocolate, and Strawberries

Bone, whom I introduced in the previous entry, does not try to frame her shots the way that I try to. I have no problem with that. She is, after all, a Romanticist. I am a Classicist. Looking at her photos is for that reason all the more interesting for me.

Sister Lucia

Cousin Esmeralda

 Lupita with her mother, Pilar


Nobody can get Lupe to look directly into the lens of a camera. Holding a gun to her head would not get the job done. On the other hand, Señora Maria has no problem looking a camera in the eye.

Señora Maria

There are five adult women out there. (No acceptable photograph of Verónica.) On Christmas Day I brought two bottles of champagne on ice, chocolate, and a bag of strawberries for those women. Actually, I do know that "champagne" is an appellation d'origine contrôlée. I am not a total rustic. To be precise, this stuff was from Spain, and it was not all that cheap. I also brought five flutes for them to drink it from and told them to keep the flutes. I am not sure what my thought process in this was. I believe that it went something like this:
  • In the past many other women whom I have admired enjoyed champagne, chocolate, and strawberries.
  • I admire these women.
  • Ergo, these women will enjoy champagne, chocolate, and strawberries.
I found that there was a glitch somewhere in that reasoning with regard to the champagne, although there was no problem with the chocolate and the strawberries. The flutes were an unqualified hit. I believe they are now small flower vases. In any event, I need not reprise the champagne on New Year's Eve.

As is probably apparent from the photos above, Bone's specialty is the closeup for the most part. She wants to fill up the frame . . . indeed, overfill it. Most young people do just the opposite with the subject lost somewhere in the distance. Bone can be merciless with the zoom lens. I notice that the older her subjects are--the more distance they could use, in other words--the more Bone bears in on them.

Grandfather Fortino

Here, for example, Bone was intent on featuring my poor, old broken nose. When younger, I acquired the art of civility in my serious discourse with my fellow man in face-to-face settings where a lack of civility had immediate consequences. Country and Western music was usually playing on the jukebox in the background. It is apparent to me that many of those who carry on their serious discourse with their fellows via the far remove of the internet have not had the benefit of that efficacious manner of instruction. Which is the reason, I believe, that civility is sometimes wanting in this setting.

I am not exactly sure what Bone had in mind here, but the more I look at it, the more interesting it becomes.

In my next blog entry I will write about the real point of all this. I will come clean about the thing that is on mind and the frustration of it all. That is my current intention anyway.

Now is a good time to address two issues briefly, only one of which I have mentioned in passing previously. First, I have Fortino's consent and the family's consent to publish these blogs entries relating to them.

Second, there is another issue that unfortunately, I must touch upon. I certainly am aware of the general inadvisability of publishing photographs of children publicly on the internet in the way that I have. However, in this case there are some important de facto safeguards in place. There are serious threats to these children. My blog is not one of them.


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Hi you! Hope you are having a great twenty twelve!

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I just spent a pleasurable hour catching up on your posts this past year. Great stuff. Looks like you're unsure where to call home: here or Salon. Let us know if you figure it out. It helps me streamline my morning surf. Efficiently yours, Bloggerboy FFM