24 October 2011

Wings at Mineral de Pozos

Last Thursday, 20 October, Wings and I rode along with Michel to Mineral de Pozos, my favorite place in the world. Mineral de Pozos sitting at 7,500 feet is the old mining town that I have written about innumerable times including here and here and here and here. In addition, the entry that I just posted previous to this one relates to a trip out there that Fred and I took in March of 2010.

As always, right click on any photo to open a larger version in a new tab.

I had not previously featured Wings as a hiker. However, he was a trooper on this trip thanks to his new hiking boots.

Here Wings is peaking down into one of the several mine shafts in the area.

The two photos above are of a strange gravel storage facility across the valley and really have nothing to do with the mines.

On this trip we visited an area new to me that featured three smelting ovens that date from the 1590's. Wings deserves the credit for redoing these in black and white.

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