14 October 2011

Wings Amid Nature

Wings is a hedonist. Many of us already know that. Of course he has loved the food and drink and other product of the countryside here. This was no surprise. However, we have also indulged ourselves in other activities. He has enjoyed visiting Fortino's family with me in the poorest neighborhood in town, colonia adolfo lopéz mateos. We drove into the countryside today for a leisurely visit to a little remote pueblo, La Huerta, at the bottom of a rather picturesque canyon, the subject of today's video. Most worthy of note, Wings did the tour of the botanical garden, El Charco del Ingenio, with me. I was delighted to find that he thoroughly enjoyed it.

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A man of notorious phallocentric tendencies himself acknowledges greatness in another species. Think of it as Hitler visiting Napoleon's tomb in Paris.

Pictured above is probably the most unlikely duo that you could ever imagine. That is my neighbor Fred with Wings at the botanical garden. Fred is a former New Yorker who has visited 34 countries and formerly resided in Havana and Mexico City. He was an art dealer in Cuba, licensed to export Cuban art. He supplies me with back issues of ARTFORUM, Architectural Record, and Vanity Fair. He has over the course of the past months been attempting to explain to me the significance of the thought of the French theorist Jean Baudriard. 

Fred has a great interest in botany and is fully bilingual. He is a volunteer at the botanical garden and leads the tour on Tuesdays. It was his tour that Wings and I undertook. Nobody else attended that day, and therefore it was only the three of us.

A view of San Miguel de Allende from 
the far end of the botanical garden.

Fred has candidly commented that Wings is the most . . . what was the word Fred used? . . . the most decadent person that he has ever met in his life. Perhaps the word was debauched. He was awe struck initially. Then Fred began to laugh. And laugh. And laugh. Now Fred regularly comes to my patio at cocktail hour for discussion sessions with Wings.

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For those of you who missed today's video at Wings' much neglected blog site, here it is for easy access.

Of course when he speaks of his previous difficulties in uploading files to the internet here, he speaks of his work with the web site that constitutes his business, a web site of now international renown, midwestauction.com.

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