18 October 2011

The Goat Banquet

Last Sunday Wings and I financed a goat banquet at Fortino's house in one of the poorest neighborhoods in town, colonia aldolfo lópez mateos. I shot snippets of video throughout the affair. We had a ball.

I must add that Wings, Fortino, Luis, and Hadin did not drink all 36 of those 1.2 liter bottles of beer (43.2 liters total) by themselves. After Wings and the family and I ate, friends and neighbors dropped by over the course of the remainder of the afternoon to assist in that endeavor. I certainly was not well enough acquainted with them to shoot video of them.

Should you wish to see still photos of the Alan's birthday party that Fred and I financed last June along with more background on all of this, you can find that here.


Deb said...

Fascinating video. Thanks for sharing. When is Wings moving to Mexico? I think he has gone native!

Brassawe said...

Well, he's staying for another week at least, Deb. He has not gone all the way native, but he is getting there.

The video got a pretty good reception over at the other blog on Open Salon: http://open.salon.com/blog/brassawe

Deb said...

Oh yes, OS post was excellent as usual...I rated it btw. That is awesome Scott is having such a great time! Would he be tall for a native?

Quick question, are you receiving emails ok? It seems my hotmail does a little hiccup every time I send something in your general direction.