25 October 2011

Departure of the Wing Man

No word yet, but I am going to be optimistic and assume that Wings touched down safely in Cedar Rapids two or three hours ago. It was a beautiful day for the drive to little Guanajuato International Airport in Leon late this morning. As we drove toward the old train station to pick up the highway beyond to Leon, we drove by the circus that had also completed its run in San Miguel. The Big Top was coming down.

When I last saw Wings he had successfully gotten his gear, including the new hiking boots, through security and was headed toward his departure gate. It was a good three-week stay for him, I think. He was actually reviewing the highlights of it earlier today. You never know with Wings, certainly a bona fide character. I really had no idea what his reaction to this place would be before he came here. In fact his reaction was overwhelmingly favorable with no qualifications.

I returned from Leon, cleaned out the pop-up camper trailer, and cranked down the top making it ready for Hans to pull back into storage. On the way back I had considered whether I would rather help clean up around the circus tent. Wings is the biggest slob with whom I have ever been this closely acquainted. There is no malice in it. He is simply oblivious when he tosses dirty clothes, garbage, and general detritus anywhere and everywhere. He is constitutionally incapable of even rinsing pots and pans and dishes, let alone washing them. It is difficult for him to put anything in a waste basket. Those of us who know him and love him simply live with this because it will never change. As it turned out, cleaning out the camper was not too bad a job. Wings had had more limited opportunity and more limited means to trash out the camper than he has in his own home.

Here the man sits in the cafeteria of the library, believe it or not.

Wings, Michel, and me at the Pila Seca restaurant in Mineral de Pozos, perhaps Wings' favorite stop. [Photo by the lovely señorita with Michel's camera.]

Boy in the Pila Seca. [Photo by Michel, 9 August 2011.]

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Here are yet more photos taken on the visit to the abandoned mines near Mineral de Pozos with Wings and Michel. Those photos featuring Wings can be found in the preceding entry.

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