14 July 2011

The Island

I find myself returning often now, returning to books that I have already read, returning to places that I have already been. There is an appeal for me about a return. There is always something new to be found upon returning to anything except people and the United States of America. So it was that last Sunday I returned to the island of Janitzio in Lake Pátzcuaro.

05 July 2011

Wherefore are thou?

Whereas some of us labor in confusion and insofar as anyone cares whereof she spoke, whensoever Juliet asked “Wherefore art thou, Romeo?” and whencesoever she asked it, be it on that balcony wherefrom we overheard her in the night whereinto she spoke and whereon and whereupon he soon appeared in front of that door wherethrough he later proceeded to her bed or wheresoever else, Romeo's whereabouts was not the mystery whereon she brooded. The mystery wherewith she was perplexed was why Romeo did exist, a question whereunto she herself had not the wherewithal to respond, “wherefore” being a synonym of “why,” which means “for what purpose.”