20 June 2011

On Second Thought . . .

. . . perhaps there are a handful of photos of the parade here that are interesting. And after all, I can be forgiven for a second installment of photos this year in view of the fact that last year I posted four installments on Dia de los Locos

The lesson there, I suppose, is this. Some people are never the victims of any irrational enthusiasms at all. Others have difficulty getting their irrational enthusiasms under control. I am getting this one under control now.

I shall start with my favorite. The reason is obvious. The boy in the lower left. Don't you know that this is a boy being raised in a house full of sisters? Is not that written all over his face?

During these messes, these Mexican parades as I have described them in the previous entry, I am often reduced to putting the camera on the machine gun setting, holding it over my head, and firing, taking a bunch of big resolution pictures--trusting to blind luck that something may show up in this or that corner. Then I crop this or that corner out. My friend, Michel, an excellent photographer who has exhibited his work, is scornful of this technique. In any event this is a crop-out that I like simply because of the gamut of reactions displayed on those faces.

This is a mish-mash, the type of photo that I normally detest. However, there are couple of things that kind of anchor this one, for lack of a better term. The young lady with the black eyes in the central foreground. The smiling young lady out of focus in the lower right. And the upside down umbrella in the upper left. What is the deal with that?

Not a mish-mash, but close to it--were it not for the little guy in the center right.

I am a big fan of out-of-focus for reasons that I cannot explain to you. Perhaps it is because my own most important memories are all out of focus.

I characterize these last three as also-rans. Close, but no Kewpie Doll. Mundane were it not for this or that little thing--yet, this or that little thing insufficient to extricate them completely from the mundane.

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