01 March 2011

Tequila Sunset

I am reporting in from the city of Tequila in the state Jalisco some miles short of Guadalajara and about half the way home. Yes, this is the city that sits amid those fields of blue agave, headquarters for the distilleries authorized to label their product "tequila." La Mexicana and I are laying over for the night in the Hotel Maria Isabel.

And let me tell you something. There are a lot of liquor stores here. Every other shop is a liquor store. That is no exagerration.

I am so deep in Mexico right now that I cannot see out. La Mexicana has great difficulty understanding the citizenry's Spanish because of the local accent. So you know where that leaves me.

Or course you also all know the pains to which I go in order to avoid gratuitously insulting any person or group. Therefore, I will simply write one word that captures my impression of the people of the city of Tequila: Deliverance.

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