11 February 2011

Guanajuato: Ten Photos

I had put off visiting the center of Guanajuato, the state capitol, until this past 31 January because I had heard of the series tunnels that one must negotiate in order to get in there. They are intimidating to the first time visitor, not quite like any other tunnels I have driven in. There are underground intersections in that pitch black for one thing. For the remainder of the day in Guanajuato the question remained in the back of my mind, "Will I be able to get back out?"

Even after one is in the city and walking around, there is a bit of a claustrophobic feel to it, not entirely unpleasant after a time.

The people there have a different taste in colors for their homes than I am accustomed to. More pastels.

The opera house, Teatro Juárez, is an extraordinary building.

Street market above. There follows some random photos taken out among 'em.


There are a lot of affectionate couples in Guanajuato.

Alhóndiga de Granaditas. The place of this building in the history of the nation, specifically in connection with the war for independence from Spain, makes it the center of Guanajuato for me.

One of the Aldama brothers, Juan Aldama's corner. May his soul be resting in peace.

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If you love Guanajuato, you can find ten more photos taken in the city in a later entry here: