15 February 2011

A Debut Documentary

When Adriana told me last September that she wished to borrow the video camera in order to make a documentary, I was taken aback. She had never touched a video camera before in her life let alone pressed a record button. She mastered the art of the brutal closeup right away though.

I admired the effort that she put forth so much that I decided that I had to do my part, first in transposing all that footage from analog to digital, a haphazard process at best with the equipment available to me. Let us call the resulting effects cinéma vérité and call it good. Second I had to edit it, all the while trying to remain true to the filmmaker's vision.

I only considered adding music. It was too much fun just listening to the narrator.

In anticipation of questions that may arise regarding the talking head in the video. . .

I have never set foot on the campus of Arizona State University. In a previous life I used to attend the N.C.A.A. Baseball Championship Tournament in Omaha, The College World Series. I needed a team to follow and admired the Sun Devils' coach.

Yes, I normally walk beside her. In this case I did not wish to seem too much the fussbudget about the camera work.

And yes, obviously, if I had known that I was appearing in a film of enduring value, I would have tied up my hair.

The market in question is Mercado de San Juan de Dios, or more properly, a tide pool abutting that sea. In contrast to the two large markets up on the mountain, which are frequented by the tourists, this all lies lower in altitude but higher in my estimation.

It is slow to load. Not much that I can do about that.

Without further ado then. . .”To the Market.”

NOTE: Since this is my blog and not the filmmaker's, I wish to voice my disagreement with the filmmaker's expressed opinion that in Mexico the women do all the work while the men sit.

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