21 January 2011

Light Show on the Parroquia

On Sunday evenings beginning in November there is a light show on the facade of La Parroquia, the parish church on the main square, in connection with the bicentennial of the war for independence. The method is similar to that used for the famous light show on the facade of the Reichstag in Berlin not too long ago.

Making some sort of video of it has had me flummoxed. My latest attempt was close up in early December. I have some better equipment now and will make yet another attempt.

I post this video for some local friends who surreptitiously peek in here occasionally. For others it will have a limited entertainment value much akin to watching an icicle melt. It features images of the Virgin of Guadalupe, somewhat difficult to discern, at about the one-third point and Father Hidalgo at about the two-thirds point. In total it is seven minutes and change in duration.

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