31 January 2011

His World: A Study

Sunday Afternoon in the City of Guanajuato, 
Capitol of the State of Guanajuato

28 January 2011

The World As It Is

Even I get fatigued sometimes sitting around trying to arrange the details of a better human world in my mind. It is one thing to speak eloquently of the better world, the "City on the Hill." Politicians must become adept at this. In my lifetime Robert F. Kennedy was the best at it for my money. It is quite another to get the detail right.

Obviously, perfect social justice is impossible. Therefore, in a better world there is only less social injustice and that which remains is of a more benign sort. But what does that mean in practice?

Perhaps, for another example, we can greatly reduce infant mortality. But then at what age is it acceptable for more children to die, as some must? Eight? Twelve?

I always hit the wall rather quickly on this sort of thing. When that happens, I must get out and enjoy the world as it is. Often this involves a walk in the park, Parque Benito Juárez to be specific.

27 January 2011

Some Perspective on Mexico

The boys have a little trouble pronouncing "Juarez," but otherwise quite well done, I thought.

25 January 2011

A Morning at the Tuesday Market

Once again I put up photos of various random scenes from the Tuesday Market out on the edge of town. On those rare occasions when someone up north expresses any curiosity at all about Mexico or what I do here, I never make the mistake anymore of actually trying to describe or explain anything. I simply say something to the effect that it has an appeal for me, but it is definitely not for everybody. I would never try to describe Tuesday Market or explain why I enjoy it so.

This very unprepossessing looking scene is one of the entrances to the makeshift complex that spreads over the area of several city blocks.

22 January 2011

An English Teacher in Spite of Himself

When I am lounging around on a warm winter afternoon on a park bench under a manicured tree in the Jardin, the main plaza up town, I am often approached by young Mexican students who are on assignment from their English classes. These are always students of Middle School age, adolescents. They are usually dressed in their school uniforms, which at this time of year are warm-up suits in appropriate school colors with insignia. On some occasions, such as today, they do this assignment in mufti for reasons I know not. Maybe it was another holiday.

21 January 2011

Light Show on the Parroquia

On Sunday evenings beginning in November there is a light show on the facade of La Parroquia, the parish church on the main square, in connection with the bicentennial of the war for independence. The method is similar to that used for the famous light show on the facade of the Reichstag in Berlin not too long ago.

18 January 2011

The appeal of cobblestone for me is difficult to describe. I attempt to do so at the risk of appearing off kilter, not a daunting risk though as risks go.

When one who has not grown up with it encounters cobblestone, it is obvious, without the necessity of any study on the matter, that streets have been constructed in that manner for centuries. There arises a sense of union with those of much different eras who also walked cobblestone streets. I suspect that this phenomenon does not occur with people who have known little but cobblestone. But for me walking cobblestone is a kind of time travel.