04 November 2010

A Stroll on the Day of the Dead


The traditional Day of the Dead bouquet, the traditional color scheme consisting of. . .

. . .the flor de cempasúchil and. . .

. . .the quelite.

The traditional Day of the Dead pastry, a sugared bread.

The photos above were taken in calle camino viejo al panteón, the street leading to the main cemetery, on the eve of the Day of the Dead.

The remainder of the photos were taken on Tuesday morning, the Day of the Dead, which I would describe as a very intense form of Memorial Day with a dash of Halloween thrown in.

This is the communal water tank.

I am drawn to the back of the cemetery, the seldom photographed poor section, if I may refer to it as that.

This grave is decorated with dyed sawdust.

This is the norteamericano section of the cemetery.

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