11 November 2010

I Love to Piss Away Money

My own hypocrisy continues to astound me. I snipe at consumerism one day, and the next day I piss away hundreds of pesos in an orgy of it.
There is no way to make Tianguis de Martes, the huge Tuesday Market, photogenic. It is what it is.

I was shellacked this morning at that market. I knew it was going to happen. Last night I slept at La Mexicana's house. First, because I was still cold. Second, so that we could save time getting to the Tuesday Market in the morning before the cashmere sweaters were already pawed over. I really did not want to sleep there, but I had to for those two reasons.

The exchange rate gives me only a snitch over 12 pesos for an American dollar right now. Actually, a snitch less than 12 pesos after I give the money changers in the temple their cut.
On the way, we needed two café americanos with pastry from the Mega Store for 35 pesos along with an 8 peso tip.
I paid two guys in the Mega parking lot 20 pesos to wash the windows of the truck because I liked their style.

At the Tuesday Market I purchased a zip-up cardigan sweater out of the pile for 150 pesos; two cool wooden masks to hang on the big column in my apartment at 300 pesos for both; a very good, used leather purse for La Mexicana at 40 pesos—I could not afford not to buy that; a leather bracelet with a large stone mounted in the middle from the Mexican hippie jewelers for 65 pesos because I like those guys' style—they think that I show taste in keeping company with a Mexican woman and allowed as how I looked macho with this leather bracelet on (I did not purchase any incense. I want credit for that.); a flat tortilla fry pan that can double as a top for my 11 ¼ inch cast iron skillet for 35 pesos.
The two masks for the column nosed out a jumbo, antique, painted cross, which was quoted at 600 pesos but which I might have gotten for 550 or even 500. Thank goodness I saved some money there, half of which money I promptly pissed away purchasing new wiper blades from a guy who was hawking them in the lot outside the gas station because I liked his style, too.

A tank full of gasoline for 420 pesos and a 22 peso tip to the attendant for helping me check the fluids.
I cannot account for 70 pesos that are missing here.

La Mexicana purchased a shirt off the pile, which she pretended was for herself but which was really for me. She also picked up two very snazzy pairs of tall, leather boots off the pile and a new pair of tight pants to wear with them. She threw around some other pesos, too, that I cannot account for.

Tight pants.

I have 600 pesos left, exactly what I need for dinner and music tonight for the two of us. Hopefully, La Mexicana can scrounge up enough change for the tip.
She has already paid her telephone bill, cable bill, and the housekeeper. She also has quite a few groceries stocked up. We think that we will be able to eat over the course of the next two weeks. We think.
I had fun, as in F-U-N. And more to come tonight.

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