30 August 2010

Here is the Scoop

Let me explain what is going on.

I am well into the second year here. The same fiestas a second time. The same hikes. The same ruins. The same tennis courts. I had run out of things to say, not that I had much of substance to say in the first place. When I found myself offering commentary on public issues, politics, and society in general, I started to feel pretty pathetic.

Therefore, I decided to post elsewhere for a while. I am not abandoning this blog. Just taking a break to freshen up a bit while I mail some stuff in elsewhere. When I have finished freshening up, I will take this one up again.

I have always enjoyed the on line magazine, Salon. They have a blogging area that is a self-contained thing called Open Salon. The home page of Open Salon is here. There are some very good writers there. And many that are unintentionally amusing.

The point is that y'all are welcome to look in on my blog there. Many of the entries consist of material that has already been posted here albeit reworked a bit. Read those again. Or not. Comment again. Or not.

Do me a favor though. If you visit my blog there, open the latest entry and rate it. By that I mean click on the little thumbs up icon at the top. . .unless of course that particular entry is so obnoxious that you cannot bring yourself to do that. I would like to make it onto that home page with a blog entry some day.

Oh, Christ, come to think of it, you will probably have to register. . .well, if you are willing to do that.

The Solipsist is now active here. Also, check out some of the Open Salon people that I follow shown on the right side of my page.

By the way, for those of you who blog yourselves, there is an import feature over there. Once you set up your own home page there, you can further implement an import feature that automatically imports your blog entries here in Blogger or in Wordpress or elsewhere into you page at Open Salon. Candy has had some difficulties getting it to work. My import went very smoothly until I shut it off.

A purely selfish thought. If you were to do that, I could keep track of you more easily.


Anonymous said...

Well geez, I don't mind popping over to that other place to read your posts, but it wants me to be a member to comment and I never was very good at membership...in any case, it looks very active over there...lots of comments. Occasionally I think, why do some blogs have lots of comments, yet most days my own has very few. I come to the conclusion that either everyone agrees with me (encouragement for more accordion posts) or I'm boring. Take your pick.

Señor Steve said...

Mr. Anchovy, consider this. Take a look at the last paragraph newly added to the entry above.

Candy Minx said...

Your space at the salon looks great Senor Steve. I am still working on it...meanwhile...I posted a long shot of the "wallpaper" on my blog this morning. the same wallpaper I've been working on for two years. You expressed an interest in the job so I thought you might enjoy seeing some of it laid out in the back alley...