19 July 2010

U.S. Troops to Arrive At U.S.- Mexico Border

U.S. Troops to Arrive At U.S. - Mexico Border August 1 - NYTimes.com

Well, okay. Here we go. Are these National Guard troops going to be issued live ammunition? If so, I am nervous. Based on my observations of events of the second half of the Twentieth Century as they unfolded, I can only say that using troops in what is essentially a law enforcement capacity more often than not leads to disaster. Far more often than not. But I could be wrong. Perhaps this all will go swimmingly.

But might it not be far simpler, safer, and less expensive if the citizen-consumers of the United States could only find it within themselves to stop snorting so goddamn much cocaine?

If they cannot so find it within themselves, then perhaps it is time to legalize (and tax) their consumption of it.

Are we not, after all, a consumer-oriented society? In fact, are we not all about consumption? We gave alcohol a pass by reason of consumption. We gave gambling a pass by reason of consumption. We measure the health of our economy by consumption, the more the better. Just think how much improved the economy will look if we factor in the consumption of cocaine by all those morons snorting it up there? Cocaine sales right there on the charts next to housing starts.

(I hasten to assure those U.S. readers who consume cocaine, have caused the immense carnage down here, and have the blood of Mexican babies on their hands that I do not use the word "morons" in either a pejorative or judgmental sense.)

I do not for a moment contend that legalization will result in a perfect world, but since when should the inability to achieve a perfect world inhibit us from trying to make the world better?

What am I missing here? Will assault rifle sales in Texas really be hurt all that much?

I tell you, sometimes I want to grab visiting gringos by the collar and beg them, beg them, to explain to me what I am missing here? I mean, living in Mexico, I certainly could have failed to get the word. I concede that.

Tomorrow, I will pose my questions concerning the immigration aspect of all this.


Candy Minx said...

I believe in legalizing and taxing recreational drugs.

I think getting pot legalized in U.S. is long overdue...just think of the revenue and it would save the economic crash we have right now. it's dismal here in Chicago...(work wise economy wise)

Señor Steve said...

I thought pot was already legal. This was an unforgivable lapse on my part.

I guess my best idea there would be for pot smokers to carefully check the provenance of their product to make sure it is coming from Northern California.

spike said...

4 dead in Ohio

Señor Steve said...

Spike, I suppose that I must concede that one of the legitimate purposes of the Armed Forces is to protect our borders, but still. . .

Maybe all these National Guard troops are Chicano.