16 July 2010

The Reservoir

Tuesday evening La Mexicana and I loaded the dog in the truck. The three of us went out to sit on the bank of the reservoir and watch the sunset.

Lots of egrets and the occasional pelican out there. I honestly do not know why more people do not do this more often in hot weather. We had the place to ourselves. I do not know why I have not done this more often. It is something that you gotta do occasionally, it seems to me.

Come to think of it, those times that I have sat quietly and watched the sunrise in the cool of the morning before the hot weather sets in have been wonderful as well with a special flavor of their own. It is just that it takes a bit more dedication to do that. You either have to rise up the morning or stay up all night. The most pleasurable sunrise experience I have had has to be that all-night purification ceremony presided over by a Huichol Indian shaman up in San Luis Potosí a year ago. Frank and Allyson and I attended that with a couple dozen Mexican young people. Sheds a whole new light on sunrises, let me tell you.

There really is no special effort involved in taking in a sunset, however, other than to quit fooling around with whatever is distracting you and do it.

We took along a cooler with sodas and mineral water on ice as well as some sandwiches, chips, and of course, beans. God, I love to dig out canned drinks from ice in a cooler when it is hot outside. It has been quite some time since I have purchased ice, and I had kinda forgotten. The drinks are all now nonalcoholic, but the pleasure is not diminished at all.


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