25 July 2010

Real Numbers on Illegal Immigration

I have not forgotten my promise to provide a simple, comprehensive solution to the immigration problem. We will get to that very soon now.

In the meantime, and as background, I wish to recommend to you a short article that will go some way toward getting you up to speed on the southern border situation as it currently exists. The southern border is in better shape right now than it has been in a long time.

William Finnegan is a writer for The New Yorker who writes a good deal about Mexico. He knows what he is talking about. Would you not like to get a start on knowing what you are talking about with regard to one issue that generates so much public chatter?

This little piece is only 1,136 words long. It is not that tough to get all the way through it. Really! Some bright children can make it all the way through 1,136 words.

The real numbers on illegal immigration: newyorker.com

Once we get a handle on the U.S./Mexican border situation, we will turn our attention to that nettlesome U.S./Canadian border problem. Currently, Canadians are commonly allowed to cross the border into the United States and drive south on the highways and bridges of the United States in their recreational vehicles, campers, and whatnot. Many drive all the way south making use of all that infrastructure in the United States and cross the border into Mexico. I know this because I have met many of them here who have told me that they did that.

These Canadians do not pay any taxes in the United States, with the exception of the odd sales tax here and there and whatever taxes are incorporated into the price of gasoline in the United States. It is difficult to spot them. They look like normal United States citizen-consumer taxpayers, but they are not. For one thing, they are suspiciously happy with their lives.

Many of these Canadians--hold onto your chair now--many of these Canadians do not take antidepressants!

There are other facets to this problem with Canadians that we will look at in more detail.


Candy Minx said...

Well, we almost have a ban on anti-depressants for children. U.K. DOES have a ban on anti-depressants for children. A ban I completely agree with.

I have read the New Yorker article. thank you for the link. I have also printed it out to give to my in-laws.

I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts on this serious issue.

Beej said...

Candy and Steve, this is a very serious problem in the USA. I shudder to think of the suicides that have resulted from children using anti-depressants and I've read articles about legal defenses for serious and violent crimes committed by juveniles on anti-depressants. I'm sure medication is a godsend to some children with depression issues but it certainly is not worth the risk.