09 July 2010

Paul the Octopus

I do not know how much coverage this is getting up north.

Paul the Octopus has been perfect in predicting the outcome of Germany's world cup games, including the loss to Spain. He received death threats as a result of that correct prediction. Obviously, some people confused his ability to predict with an ability to control.

Paul has predicted that Spain will beat the Netherlands in the final.


Anonymous said...

Hey it looks different over here...you've redecorated!

The World Cup does strange things to people. I'm not surprised believing in prognosticating octopi.

Señor Steve said...

Yeah, Mr. Anchovy, that is one of the feminine aspects of my personality. I feel compelled to redecorate occasionally.

There is something profoundly amusing for me in the idea of a prognosticating octopus. Obviously, for a lot of other people, too.

My two favorite sea creatures are octopi and seahorses. Dolphins and whales are too easy.