17 July 2010

Current Events Update

Lo and behold, it appears our prayers for high pressure have been answered. We can now put this whole oil spill behind us, forget about it, and carry on with business as usual.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

I do keep one eye on the travel alerts issued by the U.S. State Department for U.S. citizen-consumers traveling to or living in Mexico. The latest of July 15 is the same old thing.

Do not pay too much attention to all that. Come on down for a visit. The beaches here are clean with the exception of clusters of 5.56 mm brass shell casings here and there, which are actually kinda fun for the kids to collect.

My problem once again is that I am so easily distracted that I get caught up reading the travel alerts issued for all kinds of other places. For example, did you know that the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club apparently held a “World Run” in Prague on May 28-30? And did you know that on those dates it would have been a good idea for you to stay clear of the McDonald's Restaurant near the entrance to Divoká Šárka Park and the park itself?

I was oblivious of the fact that the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club is apparently an international organization. After reading Hell's Angels by Hunter S. Thompson years ago, I kept an eye on them for awhile. I watched a lot of Peter Fonda's films there for awhile, too. [See bottom of page for appropriate musical accompaniment.] But then I got distracted. Now, Sonny Barger's book, Freedom: Credos From the Road, is back on my reading list.

It is reported on the internet that the Hells Angels have been a European phenomenon since 1969 when George Harrison invited a couple of California members to London as his guest. And I certainly was not aware that the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club is the subject of international travel alerts issued by the State Department.

There are gang wars going on right now between immigrant Islamic gangs and the Hells Angels in Denmark, and the fear is that they will spill over into Sweden.

Not that I necessarily believe all the allegations against the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club that I read on the internet. I want to make that perfectly clear for my Hells Angels readers. In this case, however, the club's own internet site maintained in Denmark discusses the situation. According to that site, the ball is entirely in the immigrant gangs' court right now.

Celebrating Holland's qualification for the World Cup final.

There are sanctioned clubs in France and in Spain, for goodness sakes. Consider that. Hells Angels who do not even speak English. I am not giving you links to all this information. All you need do is Google “hells angels in europe” and read all about it. Is not the internet a miraculous source of useful information?

I will, however, give you this link to a Telegraph report in the U.K.: German throws puppy at Hells Angels bikers then flees on bulldozer. According to this report, the guy who entered the Hells Angels' compound near Munich, gave them the finger, mooned them, threw the puppy, and then fled on a stolen bulldozer was only a little depressed. There seems to be a lot of that going around lately. The puppy is okay by the way. Not even depressed.

I need to follow up on this report because it is unclear to me why men on motorcycles could not catch a kid on a bulldozer. The huge traffic jam that developed behind the bulldozer on the autobahn may have had something to do with this.

So why do I read stuff of this ilk? In fact, why do I read about current events generally in even the minimal fashion that I still do? Why do I not completely isolate myself from the outside world again as Thoreau advised and as I did for most of last year? All it does is cause me to ponder whether the entire world has gone fucking insane. . . as I try to get the tan on my legs perfectly uniform. I mean, really. Are there actually too many rats already in the cage? Perhaps it is all not as insane as it reads. Perhaps there are only a lot of people acting out because they are a little depressed.

Or perhaps there really are only a few people acting out, but they are the only ones who are newsworthy. The vast majority of humanity is probably a little depressed, too, but they do not act out and are therefore not newsworthy.

Sonny Barger's book will shed light on this. It may be a good companion piece to On Waldon Pond. On the other hand, the Hells Angels may just be another bunch of joiners, not much different from the joiners in the Masonic Lodge. You know. Substituting the group identity for their own pathetic identity. Capitalizing on the networking opportunities and such.

I was unable to find any reports that the Hells Angels are allegedly competing for control of drug routes here in Mexico; nor was I surprised at this in spite of the fact that nearly every other kind of criminal enterprise has been attributed to them somewhere. In fact I cannot find information regarding any Mexican chapter of the club. I suspect that everybody, including the Hells Angels themselves, realize that Mexico may be a little out of their league right now.


Candy Minx said...

Good post.

Have you ever read "East Bay Grease" by Eric Williams...he's a good writer.

I hope to pick up "Oakland, London and Me" soon...

Señor Steve said...

No, Candy, I have not. Christ! It is the same old story. So many books, so little time.

In an attempt to compensate, I have made reading very nearly my full time job now.