10 June 2010

We Need Some Tourists

I never, ever thought that I would say this. We need some tourists here.

Everybody--restauranteurs, hoteliers, the art gallery people and their artists, the Indian ladies selling trinkets, pickpockets, con men working the streets--everybody is dying on the vine. We need some outsiders to come in here and spend some cash.

This was the pot luck dinner at the tennis courts campground just before Christmas.

Recently, only Joachim and Bärbel and I have been in attendance. . .and the chickens in those coops, too, of course. (That is Court Number 3 in the background.)

That is my castle in the foreground with the big German rig just beyond it. Both have been sitting there for more than a year now. Our spots abut the fence around Court Number 2.

Peeking out from behind the German rig is the French Canadian couple's truck. (I am ashamed to say that I cannot recall their names off hand.) They were here over the holidays and then headed on south. They got as far as the border of El Salvador and returned a couple of days ago. They are intending to rent an apartment here now.

Apropos of nothing, that Turkeys Trot long-sleeved tee is a valuable keepsake from back home to which I am sentimentally attached. The Turkey Trot is an annual early morning run held on Thanksgiving Day. I love that shirt. My main gym shirt now. I wish I had the 2007 and 2008 editions of that shirt with me. They are safely stored back on the farm. I am preserving them to wear at weddings and funerals and such.

John at Climate Engineers sponsors the Turkey Trot. It starts and ends at Mahoney's Pub. I recently sent John some electronic greetings with photos attached commending him on this shirt that he gave me. What a good guy is that John.

I have come to love the dog, too. I swore off dogs decades ago and have been bitching about other peoples' dogs ever since. And wouldn't you know it? A dog comes along and seduces me.

Love me; love my dog. Or not.


Anonymous said...

dogs do that.

spike said...

Does the dog prefer English or Spanish? Knowing doggies they just prefer attention!

Señor Steve said...

Yes, Mr. Anchovy, dogs do that. I had forgotten.

Spike, this dog likes attention. You are quite right. I like attention, too, and so we get along well. He is a Spanish speaking dog, but that does not seem to be a problem.