12 June 2010

Supplemental Photo

At Los Milagros for Game One with La Mexicana
and Stephen on my flanks.

Credit to Simon for this photo. Canadians are handy to have around. Thanks, Simon.


felix said...

Another sister-kissing game today between the U.S. and England. I am without knowledge or understanding of soccer, but my son is a fanatic. I have not talked to him today, but I am sure he was jacked into the game, as he will be to as much of the World Cup competition as possible.

I did see some wildly celebrating fans in front of a local tavern late in the afternoon, waving U.S. flags and apparently under the influence of recreational beverages. Soccer is gaining a fan base here.

Play on.

Señor Steve said...

In my own case, Felix, whatever little I know about this game I learned from my son.