03 June 2010

A Spectacular Piece of Driving

I like this video. This video was shot at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport on June 1 in the early morning at the north toll plaza, which one must negotiate upon the leaving the airport. I like the manner in which this particular driver negotiated it.

After the vehicle came to rest, the driver got out of the car to make a call on her cell phone--at which point the car promptly burst into flames.

The young lady who was driving was arrested for allegedly operating the vehicle while under the influence. Here's the whole police report if you wish to read an account of the matter in more detail.

Concerning which I can only say, all's well that ends well.


Candy Minx said...

I could not stop laughing.

Anonymous said...


An unrelated matter, but ...

What are your plans for the Mexico-South Africa match next Friday?

If you're going to view it in a place of interest and care to offer up an account, I'd love to run it on the Hlog.

Señor Steve said...

Yes, Candy, and I was disappointed to see that some who commented at the link raised the question of whether she was an illegal simply because she was a Latina and listed as a non-resident on the police report. Geez! If we are going to maintain a vibrant, developing society in the United States, surely we can make room for people with skills of this caliber.

I will be finding a place to watch, Mike, probably in my favorite sport's bar, Manolo's. I will most certainly write it up and will pay some of the Mexicans present to take their photos.