13 June 2010

Día de los Locos II

The lead photo in the preceding entry was of the San Antonio fountain on calle 20 de enero a block from the plaza.

This morning it was time to rally again at Plaza San Antonio for a singing mass outside before the start of the parade. The featured tune: "Blowin' in the Wind" by Bob Dylan.

Most of the participants in the parade gather here at the plaza first.

The singing mass took a long time.

It's a family affair. (The title of a great song by what group?)

Finally, comes the time to migrate the couple of blocks over to the east past the tennis courts to the main drag, ancha san antonio, for the parade. . .


Stagg said...

Wow!!! I've only seen this stuff hinted at in segways in movies!! All the masks and fireworks...I like the man who is on his knees in respect.


Señor Steve said...

In many ways I realize that it is just more of the same, Stagg. However, I have not yet gotten my fill of fiestas.

Señor Steve said...

And the answer is. . ."Family Affair" by Sly and the Family Stone.

The winner is little Missy VanDreissen of Tuckerton, New Jersy. Missy gets a lollipop.