13 June 2010

Día de los Locos I

The fiesta season opens with Día de los Locos, the central figure of which is Saint Anthony. I live in the neighborhood called Colonia San Antonio. Consequently, this is a large event here.

Saturday they brought San Antonio to the church.

Those kids up there with the bells can really ring 'em.

Devotees of San Antonio walked on their knees to the church with the help of family and friends who placed little pieces of carpet or blankets on the stone in front of them.

A gourmet dinner at Stephen's new apartment at the tennis courts.

Then fireworks. As usual the delightful Mexican fireworks were totally unpredictable. The flying saucer once again came down in flames right in the middle of the crowd up in the plaza in front of the church.

This is Fred, Stephen, Simon, and I with the chief fire extinguisher guy.

Today, Sunday, will be the big day.

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