06 June 2010

Dannah Garay

A really nice treat Friday evening. A jazz quartet made up of prominent local musicians played at El Viejo Topo (The Old Mole?), a large coffee shop a couple of blocks from where I live. There was a cover charge of 100 pesos, which is not outrageous. The treat was that they backed up a great little Mexican jazz singer, Dannah Garay, whom I had not seen before.

The following video is of a different appearance by her. However, the piano player, Gabriel Hernández, and the bass player, Tyler Mitchel, are the same. Here in San Miguel we also had Ken Basman on guitar and her usual drummer, Juan Alejandro Sáenz, a great kid.

I am not a fan of Bobby Kapp, the drummer in this video, primarily because he insists on singing. Drummers should never do that. However, we must put up with it in order for you to hear her.

She truly does have a pleasing tone and some depth to her voice even though the sound on this video may not do it justice. The gig Friday evening was comprised entirely of tunes made famous by Nat King Cole, which made it additionally interesting.

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Yuriana said...

You have no idea what are you talking about , Bobby sings way better than that little singer , stop saying those things because you just confuse people that is not very into jazz , please get a good jazz album with a good singer and then listen carefully and then say something real.