12 May 2010

U.S.A. Report V

I ought to make clear the spirit in which I offer these things. First, I simply thought the “Control Our Boarder” placard was funny. I have dealt with a fair number of frustrating landlord/tenant problems myself. I sympathized.

Ill-drafted protest signs, placards, and banners incorporating misspellings can be found across the political spectrum. The Right does not have a monopoly on that. I marched in the streets outside the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota, in 2008 and am witness to this.

I guess I should not say “across the political spectrum” because that big lump in the Center seldom hits the streets. One never sees a protest sign incorporating Aristotle's “Moderation In All Things!” Perhaps the Center is too busy or distracted what with watching “Dancing With The Stars” to get out in the street often.

Anyway, though neither the Left nor the Right diligently spellcheck their protest signs, their slogans do have a different flavor. The Left has a tendency to rely heavily on obscenity and scatology. For example, here is an old left-winger in the streets during the George W. Bush administration falling back into his youthful speech patterns:

On the other hand over on the Right there is a kind of endearing innocence about it all. It is heartwarming, for example, to see poorer people sticking up for richer people.

The most striking thing of all about the Right, however, is those folks' absolute mastery of irony:

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