17 May 2010

The Reservoir and Available Real Estate

If you zoom in to San Miguel de Allende on the map, you will see a large body of water directly to the west of the city. This is the reservoir behind the new dam, not to be confused with the old dam out at El Charco botanical garden and nature preserve. The reservoir was my destination this morning on a bike ride with Fred.

This is what the reservoir looks like now just in advance of the rainy season. We shall see how much it fills up this year. It did not rise much at all last year.

There are many upscale homes in the area of the reservoir, Mexican McMansions.

Here is one that you might be interested in picking up. It is another of the many abandoned construction projects hereabouts.

It has clearly been abandoned for quite some time.

Fred was pondering the architectural style here, trying to come up with a name for it.

Only a two-car garage, but I think there would still be time for you to correct that.

Still, for pure drop-jaw tastelessness it does not top the place with the gutter spout in the shape of a snake that I visited last July. That project was not abandoned, and it ought to have been.

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