11 May 2010

The Pigeon Project

Two of the culprits.

There are always multiple projects in the works at La Mexicana’s house. One of the current projects is The Pigeon Project.

This is a view toward the rear of La Mexicana’s house on the main floor. Notice the large window behind the kitchen area.

That looks out into a small, walled-in, outdoor space, which is La Mexicana’s utility and work area.

The water heater and gas tanks sit out there. No need to shelter these things in this climate. There is also an old birdcage and many plants on the wall, which are important.

There are of course the obligatory glass shards embedded along the top of the back wall.

Lots of pigeons hang around on the walls and ledges above, which drives La Mexicana wild. She hates the sound of pigeons. She hates the pigeon mess. Not to put too fine a point on it, she hates pigeons and everything about them. A female, she shares these feelings with the pigeons. The upside of this is that I am learning many new Spanish words. I was previously completely unaware of the fact that some Mexican pigeons engage in prostitution.

While I was in the United States, La Mexicana went over to Bahia de Potosí on the Pacific and stayed at a palace on the beach there owned by her friends, Ali and Naomi.

She worked diligently on her marksmanship with a BB gun that she borrowed from a neighbor. She returned needing only to arm herself. We have been looking for a BB gun to purchase. We visited the toy stall at Mercado Ignacio Ramirez up town to inquire.

The proprietor had in stock this ChiCom weapon, displayed here on a very Mexican oil cloth. It is most definitely not a BB gun. It is a plastic weapon, approximately 20 inches long, that shoots little plastic pellets. La Mexicana asked whether it would at least be effective enough to frighten off the pigeons. Predictably, the proprietor assured her that he personally had frightened off all the pigeons in the state of Jalisco with this very weapon.

He then completed the sale by pointing out the inscription on the side of the weapon: DO NOT SHOOTATANY [one word] HUMAN OR ANIMAL . . . which is of course exactly what La Mexicana intended to do with it.

If one hits a pigeon--I say, IF one hits a pigeon--the pigeon does get slightly nervous and ruffles its feathers. The weapon has a muzzle velocity slightly slower than I can run and a maximum effective range of ten feet. Bright birds that they are, the pigeons have quickly learned to stay eleven feet away from La Mexicana when they see that she is armed.

Pondering The Pigeon Project.

Her frustration has inspired me in the midst of my lethargy. I am fine with the pigeons. I am at complete peace with the pigeons. I have studied the writings of Albert Schweitzer and harbor a deep reverence for life. But on the other hand I feel sorry for her. I must visit the big Tuesday market on the edge of town and see if I can find a BB gun.

Next Tuesday. Not today.

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