24 May 2010

Palm Tree

Does anyone know the name of this kind of palm?

As many of you do know--and I did not, these palms develop their seeds on the lower branches in season, and the lower branches take on brilliant colors, in this case a bright yellow.

This particular specimen sits at the entrance to a small shopping center. La Mexicana has been after me for some time to take the machete and cut off some of the lower limbs so that she could use them to decorate her courtyard. I did not relish the idea of doing that. I feared that I might have to depend on her to bring me food in a Mexican jail if I were caught.

As luck would have it, somebody recently trimmed off the lower limbs. On Sunday we were able to salvage some of the downed limbs before they were all hauled off.

La Mexicana now has some of these colored limbs with which to decorate.

And I have some material for a home and garden entry of sorts.


Stephen said...

Senor, La Mexicanna hiking? Que pasa? She looks great, too. And, wearing jeans? You are a miracle man, indeed!

Also, I had palms like the one you are in doubt about and we called them date palms. I don't think that's the real name, though.

I return this Sunday and look forward to catching up on your adventures.

Steve #1

Señor Steve said...

Let's call it a date palm for now.

Hurry back so you can make coffee for me in your new digs in the morning.