28 May 2010

The Orchid Garden

I am springing my very best orchid picture on you right away.

The orchid garden is an extremely cool place up in Colonia Santo Domingo, the fashionable neighborhood.

Once you turn off the street at the sign, you must cross this bridge over the waterway that runs down along the side of the building. This is a view back toward that foot bridge.

You knock on the door and wait for Julio, the gardener, to answer. He will collect 20 pesos apiece and give you a tour.

The orchid garden is located in a 200-year-old tannery building.

The orchid family is huge and diverse. Many are epiphytes, deriving their moisture and nutrients from their surroundings and growing on other plants.

Here they are grown wired onto these chunks of wood . . .

or in these hanging, wooden baskets.

There will be different species blooming at different times throughout the year here, according to Julio.

There were not actually a lot of orchids blooming right now.

However, I will certainly be checking back regularly to see others as they come along. . .

. . .for sure.

The brains of the cacti world. . . . .

I have a piece of Mexican candy for every child who can locate the dog hidden in this picture.


Anonymous said...

Orchids are fantastic things, aren't they? Tuffy P grows a number of them here at Anchovy World Headquarters. We lost one this year that used to be her mom's. It must have been 25 years old and for many years it seemed to be in almost constant bloom.

felix said...

I have seen that large brown dog before, in an earlier entry. The plant shadows make good camouflage.

If correct, I request that you give the mentioned candy to the next Mexican child you see.

Solipsist,yes aren't we all? Anyone who claims otherwise is most likely delusional.

Regards from North Chattanooga,where it is too hot for Bushmills, black label or otherwise.

Sheila said...

Dry. Hmmm. What I'd give for dry :) and its not even the monsoon season yet

Beautiful pictures of my favourite flowers. Tx Steve

Señor Steve said...

You got it, Felix. The next Mexican child that I see when I have a piece of candy in my pocket is a lucky Mexican child.

Señor Steve said...

They are absolutely fascinating plants, Mr. Anchovy.

My own rainy season is coming soon, Sheila. You can enjoy the dryness vicariously through me in the meantime, Sheila. I shall try to get some decent pictures of dust for you. It is plentiful right now.

And by the way, I finished A Suitable Boy, which turned out to be a highly entertaining and informative historical novel about India--all 1,474 pages of it, I'll have you know.