13 May 2010

Morning Walk in May

The morning walk is quite pleasant right now. It stays cool until noon and then builds up to the hottest part of the day between 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.

The guys from the city were trimming the trees in Plaza San Antonio just up the block this morning.

I cut through Parque Benito Juaréz this morning rather than walk around it because the plants were all visibly happy as a result of a shower last evening.

Here is the beginning of the walk of the side of the hill.

This is at the end of Phase I of the walk up the side of the hill looking along the street that I take when I skip Phase II.

I have expended a lot of effort trying to take snapshots that do not include electrical wires. This is difficult. Electrical wires are everywhere. From now on I am not going to spend so much time trying to get the wires out of the shot. To hell with that. This is the way the place looks.

Looking back out over the city at the beginning of Phase II of the walk up the hill. Those are egrets nesting in the tops of the trees.

Phase II is actually a stone staircase continuing up the side of the hill. This is another view back over the city from a right turn in that stair case.

Miscellaneous buildings along the way.

Nothing special this morning. Nice morning walk and some snapshots.

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