04 May 2010

Mood Elevation Strategies

I have been reading a fascinating history of Mexico. The book is Mexico, Biography of Power, A History of Modern Mexico, 1810-1996 by Enrique Krauze, translated by Hank Heifetz. Of course right in the middle of that span of time occurred the Mexican Revolution of 1910—Zapata, Pancho Villa, and all.

It just so happened that the Mexican historian, Arturo Morales, was giving a lecture today at the public library entitled “Myths and Rituals of the Mexican Revolution.” I firmly determined to attend when I read of it in the newspaper this past weekend. I was looking forward to it yesterday. I awoke early today in order to complete my errands in the cool of the morning and attend this lecture at 1:00 p.m. I had tea in the cafe outside the lecture hall while I waited.

While I was having tea, I decided to skip the lecture. What a wonderful feeling of freedom, the very stuff of irresponsibility! It elevated my mood to no end.

This is a very happy Señor Steve standing outside the closed doors of the hall while the lecture by Arturo Morales entitled "Myths and Rituals of the Mexican Revolution" is beginning inside.

I learned this trick when I was attending the university. There is no feeling that quite compares with the feeling attendant upon skipping class. It is important that you do it correctly, however. You must maintain the full intention of attending the class right up to the point that the class is scheduled to convene. It is best that you be standing outside the lecture hall as the doors close having intended right up to that point to go in and sit down. This intensifies the feeling of relief and freedom that results from skipping that class session.

As always, there is larger lesson here. We do not have to be the victim of our moods. We can actively change our moods with strategies like this one.


Bloggerboy said...

Ah yes, skipping class. I used to be good at that. I now regret the frequency. Nevertheless, on a sunny day on a nice campus, skipping an insignificant class can really give you a freedom buzz. Add a strange venue, like Mexico, and no negative consequences for changing your schedule, and a feeling of pure joy arises in your breast. It is fun to get off the beaten path.

Anonymous said...

Excellent job, missing that lecture.

Señor Steve said...

As far as the university experience goes, it is my feeling that acquiring the art of skipping classes is a valuable part of the whole formal educational experience. When one skips class, it is important not to go study for another class. I used to go shoot a few games of pinball for example.