25 May 2010

In Bloom

Nopal blossom.

It is interesting that the cacti around here bloom during the dry period before the rainy season, that is, now. The other plants do all their blooming during the rainy season as one would expect.

Fred explains this by pointing out that this strategy gives the cacti a monopoly on the services of the pollinators. The cacti do not have to share the services of the bees and other pollinators with the other plant species.


Candy Minx said...

What a crazy plant! I love it's whole function...and to think it also produces flowers on top of collecting so much water...wow.

(Hey...p.s. Stagg and i watched the doc on "The Bhudda" recently and it was very good and I thought of you....maybe you can download it...just this plant reminds me of one poet interviewed jane Hirschfeild was saying in the doc how even her cup of coffee is a miracle when we move our focus to mindful thinking etc. the sense of a miracle seeing this flower kind of connected...hell I can't explain my thinking tangents/connections why start now ha ha)

Señor Steve said...

You made a valiant effort nonetheless, Candy.

I do not know whether I can download that or not. I shall see.

Lorraine said...

It is so true the cactus are a special breeds there are like some special very human person, they breed at a different time of the sea level
Is that a truth??

Señor Steve said...

That I don't know, Lorraine. We will find out if that is true.