10 May 2010


On the other hand I am a fool for my pickup truck, a 2005 GMC Canyon that hauled me all the way to Mexico pulling a camper trailer to boot. I mean that I really love my pickup. That pickup has done every single thing that I have asked it to do since we first became acquainted in November of 2005.

The pickup is on my mind because I finally found people that I trust to work on it. And it did need work. 1,428 pesos worth of work. But it is like new again with the exception of a couple of Mexican dents. New oil. Adjusted brakes. New filters. Tune-up.

This is Fortino, that con man preëminent among con men, washing the truck.

I just purchased a rosary made out of coffee beans and hung it on the mirror of the truck. Very Mexican. Very attractive.

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Stagg said...

Love the coffee bean Mexican deco touch...you take care of 'yer wheels so it takes care of you!!