18 May 2010


We drove back to Mineral de Pozos this past Sunday to revisit the Spanish mining ruins. I suspect you may be tired of all that, but don't worry. We could not get to the ruins. Instead, we ran into the annual fair in that town. We had no idea in advance that it was going on this past weekend. You have to listen to the radio to learn these things.

A large percentage of all the Mexicans in the world had ridden buses to the outskirts of Mineral de Pozos where they disembarked and trudged into town along the main highway. It was drizzling. Very unusual for this time of year.

My purpose in taking this photo was to show you the stalls in the street all the way up the hill in the distance to the surviving half of a church dome there on the other side of town. However, look closely at this picture in the lower right foreground. What is that swastika doing there? I have no idea. I did not notice it when I was standing there in the street and therefore did not investigate it.

Lots of Mexicans in very close quarters in the streets that day.

One of a hundred shoe stalls.

I truly do enjoy spending time in Pozos. It is all Mexican, all the time.


Wendy said...

A Nazi swastika usually has the ends pointing to the right. Those are pointed to the left, unless your picture is somehow reversed.

Señor Steve said...

Then it must be some sort of religious symbol. I just wish that I had noticed it at the time that I was taking the picture so that I could have investigated.