26 May 2010

Canyon Number Two Redux

Back on February 22 I went on the hike with Fred to Canyon Number Two. I use the phrase “Canyon Number Two” to distinguish it from Canyon Number One, which is the canyon at El Charco del Ingenio Botanical Garden and Nature Preserve.

On Sunday La Mexicana allowed as how she would also like to hike to Canyon Number Two. I told her that she was on for Monday.

What I call Cell Phone Mountain is visible from the second floor of La Mexicana's house and is the mountain one must initially climb and then descend on the other side for the trek to Canyon Number Two.

I was quite proud of La Mexicana's effort. There was even a little rock climbing necessary because of an unanticipated dirt road closure. She pulled it off like a champ. I myself was so nonplussed by the rock climbing problem that it never crossed my mind to take any snapshots unfortunately.

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