15 May 2010

Bicycle Problem Solved

My bicycle situation has been a niggling problem ever since I arrived here a year ago. I brought my Trek 1000 road bike with me. That was one of Trek's basic road bikes around 2004. I presume they are still making them and still selling a gazillion. Good, solid, relatively inexpensive bicycle. In fact that is the bicycle that I road across the state of Iowa with my granddaughter during the 2008 version of the Register's Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa.

Unfortunately, the Trek 1000 was absolutely worthless here where there are very steep hills and streets paved with cobblestone. The setup of the gears and those little, thin tires just did not work. You also need a little more suspension than simply the natural flex of the frame. The last time I had ridden it more than a block was in May of last year in Texas.

I scraped together enough pesos to purchase a used Trek 4300 trail bike, and I am delighted with it. Great bike ride today after I picked it up at noon.

Even more good news. Herman at the bike shop here in San Miguel took the Trek 1000 on consignment. He actually thinks he can sell it here—probably to a tourist who will take it home with him. It has been well maintained.

Anyway, this is a good thing to have figured out finally.


Bloggerboy said...

Happy trails. It looks like you may have a shock absorber seat. I now have one on my trekking bike, together with shocks built into the front wheel fork, and it makes a world of difference on the riverside routes that often change from asphalt to sand and gravel without warning. That Iowa ride sounds neat. I should check that out.

Señor Steve said...

That big ride across Iowa is neat, Bloggerboy. There really is no other reason to go to Iowa.