12 April 2010

U.S.A. Report

In his comment on the April 2 entry, Bloggerboy asked for a report on the progress of the Tea Party Movement. Now that I have been here for a couple of weeks, I think their movement's current state of development can be summarized with some photos of their signs. Since it is so quiet here otherwise, I will be putting up some signage photos over the next several days. Here is the first:


Anonymous said...

"Are Country" Har! English indeed

Bloggerboy said...

Thanks Steve! Bloggerboy Junior brought me a gift from the US: Sean Hannity's "Conservative Victory - Defeating Obama's Radical Agenda". I can hardly wait to read it. Did your kids try to incite you the way mine do?

Four Dinners said...


Señor Steve said...

Not my kids, Bloggerboy. They are pretty much of a mind with me. However, I have taken to escaping the quiet for a time in the morning by driving into town for coffee. Those old boys in that coffee shop, many of whom I have known since I was a kid, are nuts. Totally whacked out politically. The coffee is shitty, too.

I am really starting to miss noisy old Mexico at this point. It's a pretty straightforward deal down there. You don't have to take a tour of Wall Street to figure out who just stole your money. It's all up front. I like that system of theft better.

Two more weeks.