28 April 2010

Tree House Down

I have broken a lot of promises to you here on this blog, but not this time. I have a video of the tree house coming down.

I obtained the help of my friend Rick. I have known Rick since kindergarten. He has a big GMC diesel, four-wheel drive pickup. You will see how that plays in.

For most of you, this seven-minute video will be about as entertaining as watching ice melt. However, for those of us who have listened to Wings bitch about this treehouse for years, it is very entertaining.

Tree House Down

By the way as you watch this video, you will undoubtedly wonder where Wings is. Wings was in the house fooling around on the computer during the entire operation except at the very end.

Wings, still in his pajamas.

This was the post-game wrap-up around the wood burner in the back yard afterward. Rick and I were co-captains of our high school football team. Back when Rick and I were both still drinking, we did some things that are better forgotten. He has been shed of it now longer than I have been. As is evidenced here, however, we still make a helluva tandem.

A former Airborne Ranger and former Marine never worked any better together before. (They tell me that there is no such thing as a "former" Marine--once a Marine, always a Marine, and Rick still is a tough son-of-bitch.) On the other hand that was an awful high school football team, but I'm just saying. . . .


Margarita said...

Good JOB

Bloggerboy said...

I haven't had so much fun since watching Saddam Hussein's statue being torn down in Baghdad. How are your nation building skills?

Señor Steve said...

Mission accomplished, Bloggerboy.

And I will see you again very soon now, Margarita.