02 April 2010

Stand By

I have returned to the United States of America to attend to some matters. No need for concern. Neither a death nor a marriage. Nothing of that tragic nature. I can report that it is the same United States of America that I left nearly a year ago, only more so.

I shall return here on May 2 or sooner if the spirit moves me. The spirit is not moving me right now.


Four Dinners said...

Well timed old bean! Due to my last two weeks of anal retention I haven't been around much anyway - so I haven't missed any posts!!

Catch you soon mate!

Stagg said...

I love that ol' test pattern...I'm sure you'll be back with much to tell after awhile!!


Bloggerboy said...

I want a full report on the Tea Party movement and the health care aftermath. Just how weird are things back home? Bloggerboy Junior is coming back from a ten-day vacation in the US, staying with a relative who watches Fox News and who is convinced that Obama is a socialist. I feel the need to debrief him to prevent permanent damage.

Señor Steve said...

Bloggerboy, you will not get a report from me. I keep the television off and only glance at the newspaper in the morning.

But the thing to be avoided at all costs is the AM dial on the radio. You will not believe it. Get to the public radio station on the dial as fast as you can, and do not linger elsewhere. The lunacy being spouted on AM radio today in the United States of America is incredible. Unbelievable. I know that we have always had our Father Coughlins and such, but this has to be taking it all to a new level.