09 April 2010

The Farm

I have spent nearly all of my time during this hiatus at the farm with the old folks. These are some random snapshots in various directions. A very quiet place right now just before planting.

With mum.


Ruth said...

Beautiful, Steve. Just how I imagine a farm to be.

Anonymous said...


Margarita said...

How peaceful and beautiful it looks.
your Mother looks beautiful.

Lynn said...

Welcome back to the home state, Steve. If I didn't know better, I'd swear I drive past your family's farm every day on my way to work. Not surprisingly, it looks a lot like the ones up here. If you don't go back until May, things will get a lot busier between now and then.

Señor Steve said...

It is beautiful in its way, but very, very quiet right now.

Although Lynn is correct. The huge tractors will be cranking up and going into the fields very soon now. I heard some off in the distance somewhere while walking in the park this morning.