02 March 2010

What a deal.

Working on the novel 2666 and writing whatever I wish about it is the best full-time job that I have ever had. Flexible hours. Work that I enjoy. No partners. No staff. I work at home in sunny México amid all the amenities and send in the work product.

If I could get this pay thing worked out, I would be in fat city for sure.


Four Dinners said...

I wish you the very very best as a writer old bean!

Trying myself. Link on my last post and in the side bar.

There's many peeps whose feedback I would like but yours very much.

Good luck old bean

Señor Steve said...

I did read your latest effort, Four. I will get over there and comment.

Candy Minx said...

Yum! Love peppers...and I love making all kinds of relishes from them!

Anonymous said...

Steve, I tried that chicken recipe you posted on my comments the other day. It is a really excellent dish, and really straight-forward to make. Thanks so much.

Señor Steve said...

I am happy that you enjoyed the Tinga, Mr. Anchovy. It really is tasty and so easy to make.

However, La Mexicana insists that you take pictures of these dishes that you make from her recipes and post them somewhere so that she can inspect your work. She wants to make sure that the food looks right.