04 March 2010

She Who Sells Flowers with a Half-Smile

This is my personal calla lily street merchant still holding my half-dozen of today. An English speaking tongue cannot pronounce her Indian name, but it roughly translates as “She Who Sells Flowers with a Half-Smile.”

Her calla lilies may not be of the highest quality. I think she acquires culls from the flower stores to sell in the street. But you have to look at it this way. We are not just paying for the product. We are also paying for the service. Flowers are so cheap here that when one also factors in the convenience offered by “She Who Sells Flowers with a Half-Smile,” there is no excuse not to have some around.

I hope that some of you have noticed that I long ago stopped peppering my entries with Spanish words. That is so boring. However, I think you would be interested to know that the Spanish word for calla lily is alcatraz.

So then, this calls for an encore of Nude with Calla Lilies by Rivera.


Four Dinners said...

They are beautiful flowers and she has a beautiful smile.

Right old bean.

I need to know.

My old incredibly and frequently dislike blogmate Billy has advised me that American tourists are being warned to 'take extra care' in Mexico.

I have no idea.

Is everything ok down there old bean?

I would like to know that you, and The Mexicana, are ok?

Yours faithfully

Worried from England

Señor Steve said...

Rest easy, Four. Billy undoubtedly saw a news report concerning the latest U.S. State Department Travel Alert of February 22. That probably includes more detail than you would be interested in. I simply give the link to prove that I am paying attention to these things.

This is the most helpful map of the Mexican states in terms of understanding what the U.S. State Department is saying. The major problems are in that norther tier of states, left to right, Baja California Norte, Sonora, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo León, and Tamaulipas where the narcos are battling each other and law enforcement for control of land routes into the United States. The problem is particularly acute currently in Ciudad Juárez in Chihuahua, which is essentially a lawless place.

I am safely tucked away in the little state of Guanajuato, torquoise Number 14, down here in the middle. The closest area with problems is the state of Michoacán abutting us on the west. That is mostly about the control of sea routes, however. So the coastal region of that state is of primary concern. That is where my beach is. So it is of concern to me, too.

The thing to remember is that this is a huge country, and I am currently far removed from the troubled areas.

I drive across at Reynosa, which is next to Matamoros in the upper right of the map at the southern tip of Texas. There are problems there. When I drive back north, that is where I must exercise some real caution. Therefore, no need to worry about me for the present. Bad guys would have to come through La Mexicana to get me now, and that would require some real courage on the part of the bad guys.

Four Dinners said...

You 'n The Mexicana are cool.

All I wanted to know.

Cheers old bean!